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Success Stories

Sunsilk Ramani Fernando Academy lecturer wins first ever international gold medal
Awarded by The City & Guilds institute UK for hairdressing category

Colombo, February 7, 2013:
Mrs. Lakmini Lenagala, currently the Managing Director of Ramani Fernando Training won the first ever City & Guilds International Medal of Excellence for hairdressing category. The medal was awarded in recognition of her exceptional performance as a lecturer for the diploma in hairdressing in Sri Lanka. Lucky, a specialist diploma holder in teaching, training and assessing, also holds a licentiate-ship award in hairdressing.

This is the first time City & Guilds presented such a prestigious award under the lecturer category, enabling Lucky to bring glory and honour to the Sunsilk - Ramani Fernando Hair & Beauty Academy (RFA) and to her motherland.


Since the inception in 2005, the Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair & Beauty Academy that offers a wide range of study programs on beauty culture has achieved a huge success within a short period of time. The Academy provides ample opportunities for the students to learn the fine art of hairdressing and beauty culture. The key figure behind this glorious achievement is Mrs. Ramani Fernando who has made an unprecedented difference in the field by opening up new vistas in the beauty culture arena. 

Mrs. Ramani Fernando who has been working with Sunsilk for over twenty five years in her professional life appreciates the patronage extended to her “Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair & Beauty Academy” by Unilever Sri Lanka Ltd.

Mrs. Ramani Fernando, the most sought-after hairdresser/beautician in Sri Lanka, added that time and again there were number of students who had won scholarships through the ‘Sunsilk Hedakari’ regional workshops held island wide. These highly talented students from all parts of the country would pass out as brilliant professionals from the “Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair & Beauty Academy”. All the scholarship winners expressed their sincere gratitude to the academy and to Sunsilk for granting this great opportunity. 

Rukshila Dissanayake, one of the scholarship winners, said that she sharpened her hidden talents through these training programs,
‘I’m from Seeduwa and I got the scholarship by winning at the “Sunsilk Hadakari” Kandy workshop in 2009. I’m indeed grateful to Unilever Sri Lanka Ltd for granting me such an invaluable scholarship to train under a veteran like Ramani Fernando. “Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair & Beauty Academy” added value to my career and guided me on how to take initiative & responsibility. When undergoing training at the academy, it is Sunsilk that paved the way for me to be here today.” She added.
Pushpa Sri Prasad, from Panadura, joined the Sunsilk Hair & Beauty Academy as the winner of the Matara District “Sunsilk Hadakari” contest.  He is acknowledged by Mrs. Ramani Fernando as a youth with exceptional talent. “Such an appreciation is a great encouragement for me” Pushpa Sri Prasad states.
Pushpa added that it is because of Sunsilk that he was able to enter the “Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair & Beauty Academy”. “Training under Mrs. Ramani Fernando means that we have added certain values to our career and the individual attention, guidance by Mrs. Ramani Fernando was of paramount importance in bringing a new life to our profession. Thus, my heartfelt gratitude goes to Mrs. Ramani Fernando and to Sunsilk for giving me the opportunity to join this course of study.” He says.
Gayani Surendra is a student of the “Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair & Beauty Academy” who for the first time in history brought a Gold Medal to Sri Lanka by winning the First Place in the World in the hairdressing field at the City & Guilds examination. She will be recognized with a special award at the forthcoming award ceremony.
Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair & Beauty Academy has been recognised for its high standard of teaching and training which resulted in Gayani Surendra achieving a Medal of Excellence in recognition of her outstanding performance in Diploma in Hairdressing.
“It is a great privilege to be a student at the “Ramani Fernando Sunsilk Hair & Beauty Academy”. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this success, if not achieving this success would have only been a dilemma. After the completion of my degree, I hope to earn more experience working with Mrs. Ramani Fernando, after which I am planning to start my own beauty salon as a successful professional in the field. I would like to convey my gratitude to Mrs. Ramani Fernando, & to “Sunsilk” for giving me this privilege Gayani states.